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Welcome To Edwin Realty

During the year 2010, Silicon Realty has been converted as a private limited company in the name and style of “EDWIN REALTY”, under the able leadership of our Managing Director Mr. E. Anburaj

EDWIN REALTY” has been in the Realty business for the past half-a-decade, and has promoted many projects in Chennai. Buying Flats from us will not only be just an investment but will also ensure that it returns a good appraisal over a period of years. Our expertise is used, right from the start, from identifying the property and ensuring the clean deeds which make the investors feel comfortable and have peace of mind over their investments.


Our timely advice to the investors, helps them to take the right decision at the right time, and will always bring a smile onto their face. If you decide to buy a Flat or plan an investment, then meet with us, and we will add values and color to your life.